Chaos Guaranteed

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I really want to share this story but I dont think people will even read it →


I’ve started the idea actually 2 years ago and just didnt manifest anything until now and to peak interests ive decided to make a list of what the story consists of:

  • The first person you’re introduced to is a KICK ASS FLY ASS ASS HOLE OF A WOMAN (i mean this in the best way).
  • There isn’t…


Something Strange & Deadly Series by Susan Dennard

Steampunk gadgets, parasols, and zombies in Philadelphia, Paris and Egypt. Do I need to say anything more to convince you to read it?

house arrest wouldn’t even be a punishment for me

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Persephone as a dark and off-putting goddess who worries her mother by hanging out with satyrs and making weird stuff like pitcher plants and Venus flytraps. Hades being charmed and intimidated all at once.

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